How To Slow Down the Aging Process With The Right Skincare Products

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Aging is inevitable. However, you can help slow down the aging process with the right skincare routine. Prevention and targeted treatments are important concepts in your skincare routine.


Adjust your skincare routine as you age

It is important to remember that as we age or enter a new decade in our lives, we all should adjust our skincare routine to suit our skin concerns. For example in your 20’s, you want to start with the basics such as using a moisturizer, gentle cleanser and sunscreen to prevent sun damage later on.


In your 30’s you want to start implementing preventative skincare treatments such as moisturizers with peptides or hyaluronic acid to prevent fine lines and build collagen. Maybe you can incorporate a retinoid and a vitamin C serum to give your skin a deeper boost to shed old dead skin cells and lighten old sun spots.


For your 40’s and beyond, you want to continue using antioxidant rich serums, and hydrating cleansers. You may want to consider some professional treatments like chemical peels. Incorporate rich moisturizers with peptides to help build collagen.


Exfoliate more often as you age


Keep in mind, as we age skin cells shed at a slower rate so what you do at home counts and make a difference in the texture of your skin. By exfoliating 1-3 times a week, you are encouraging new skin cell growth while shedding old dead skin cells. Your skin will look brighter as dark spots start to lighten. Here is a chart that explains how often skin cells shed based on age groups.

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