The difference between home beauty instrument and medical beauty instrument and how to choose it?

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There are many brands of home beauty devices, and the price difference is relatively large. The reason lies in what technology is used in them.If we match and compare the technology of home beauty instrument with medical beauty technology one by one, we will naturally know the effect and value of different beauty instruments.
There are five main functions of anti-aging beauty devices: ultrasonic knife, hot Maggie, red light , micro current.The first two functions are applied to medical beauty devices, and the last two are applied to beauty salons and home beauty devices.

Ultrasonic scalpel is the most obvious and painful of all medical beauty. It can only be done in clinics and hospitals.It heats the deep-seated subcutaneous tissue through the energy of the ultrasonic knife to stimulate the contraction and tension of collagen cells on the spot, and the effect is immediate.At the same time, the ultrasonic knife will also cause heat loss. The process of self-healing injury through the body is the process of collagen cell regeneration.The result is that the skin will be firm, delicate and full again.

The mechanism of thermomaggie is very similar to that of ultrasonic knife. It is also heating, causing damage and body repairs itself, so as to stimulate collagen regeneration.The difference is that it uses electromagnetic waves to work, but the level of action should be shallow, only in the dermis.The effect is not as good as the ultrasonic knife. It doesn't hurt as much as the ultrasonic knife.The technology behind the hot Maggie is RF technology, and the household beauty instrument is also RF technology. The power of the hot Maggie is 5-7 Hz and the household RF is 1-2 Hz.This is why RF beauty instrument is expensive.

Red light uses high technology to delay aging.It acts on the body's energy producing cytoplasm: mitochondria.Mitochondria metabolize nutrients, produce energy, and red light acts on cells to resist aging.

Micro current: low power current stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin, which can also delay skin aging, but the anti-aging effect is not apparent. The more obvious effect is to eliminate edema.

The principle of domestic beauty instruments is basically the same as that of beauty instruments in beauty salons, except that high-power beauty instruments are used in beauty salons, which need to be operated by special experts,the domestic beauty instruments are mostly low-power, without beauty guidance operation, they can be used alone by yourself, and the effect is the same,this makes the production process of household beauty instruments more stringent, because only in this way can they be safely used without professional technical guidance.

Beauty salon beauty instrument can not be comparable with home beauty instrument because of its price.In contrast, the money for a beauty project in a beauty salon can buy two or three household beauty instruments, and if you are lucky enough to buy a high-quality beauty instrument, you will have using it for a few years.Therefore, between the home beauty instrument and the beauty instrument in the beauty salon, I still suggest you choose the home one.

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