Comper Health

Comper strives to become the world's No.1
family healthcare device provider, enabling
everyone to intelligently and comprehensively
understand himself/herself. Getting to know your
body data and health condition. You can enjoy
data sync, date analysis and data sharing by
using Comper health app.


With Comper
smart deceives

Getting body data like fetal heart rate,
skin health condition, body fat and so on,
anywhere and anytime.

Activity &
training tracking

Calculate and record training pace, speed, distance,
elevation and calories burned.

Heart rate

Monitor your heart rate based on data model. With
Comper App, you can easily know the trend of your
heart rate and stress level.

and competition

Share your successes and happiness with anyone by weekly
and monthly reports. You can also join the ranking

plans and goals

Track your training, skincare and other
healthcare goals by goals. The data helps you
know your progress more clearly.

Sync data

Sync data from Comper smart devices
and other app like Apple Health app.
It's compatible with over 200
mainstream mobile phone models.