Miss a Beat

Comper Smart Doppler Fetal Monitor is a
mother’s trusty companion and Baby’s
guardian with the ability to accurately detect
the fetal heart rate.

Like Using Your
Smart Phone

The device is designed so you can control it with
only a thumb of your dominant hand, just like the
way you use your smartphone.

There are 2 indicators located at the top of the
device, to be visible even when you search for
your child’s first heart beats at the lower bottom of your belly.

To "See" The Beat

Comper Smart Doppler can be also used without App and earbuds.
The top indicator will fade in and out at the same frequency with
the fetal heartbeat rate, while the arc indicator on the button
informs you about fetal wellbeing in real time. Everything about
your baby's heartbeat could be seen by your family,
friends and by yourself.

Abnormal | Normal

More Than
a Good Listener

Fetal Monitor can be used with Comper
App to save, record and share the
fetal Heartbeat data and sound. These can be reviewed by your doctor and shared with your friends.

Watch the introduction

Watch the introduction

Soften and Mighty

The detector is made out of Thermoplastic
Polyurethane (TPU), which is a well-known material
with excellent characteristics in making bio-medical
devices. For safety, we got the biocompatibility
certification and additionally treat the TPU
to make it a bit extra soft. Our primary goal is
to offer natural and warm touch to moms.

Softened TPU with tested biocompatibility

Designed From
the Inside Out

We chose black PCD instead of common green.
It truly raises the costs, but we love it as it makes
the Smart Doppler looking nicer from the inside out.



The Comper Coupling Agent with
disinfection effects has the certifications
from both FDA and CE.

  • Baby's heartbeat can be heard
    as early as 12 weeks pregnancy.

  • Screen and eliminate noises
    by Comper's technology.

  • Flashing LED allows you to
    “see” the beat.

  • TPU detector passed
    biocompatibility test

  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • Sync with Comper Woman App
    to record, chart and analyse the
    heartbeat date.