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Based on the basal body temperature theory,
the Comper Smart Fertility Tracker helps to predict your ovulation.

Smart Points

Notice 3 small points on the device’s surface.
The detector end can be easily put under the tongue in correct position,
by matching the front teeth on one of the points.

Slim Design

We chose to pay the price for the
high-quality and safeness of the
Fertility Tracker. One of the main features of
Fertility Tracker is its specific slim design.
We don’t mind that producing only one
Fertility Tracer takes 10 complex
manufacturing processes. It is important
that our customers are satisfied.

Notice the
Smallest Changes

Comper Fertility Tracker provides accurate,
2 decimal readings. Its sensor can easily
catch even 0.2º - 0.5º Celsius change in temperature.

Fast and

Comper Fertility Tracker operates very
fast, but this doesn’t affect its
accuracy. It allows users to get the
more accurate oral temperature in a
shorter time than many other similar products.

Waterproof Design

With IPX6 waterproof design and medical-grade
silicone body, the Comper Fertility Tracker
brings you truly natural feel in your mouth.
It is completely protected and safe to wash.


You Won’t Need
To Charge It Again

You may not have the chance to charge it ever again because
you would likely to be pregnant before running out the power.
Each complete charge can support 200-300 times of use.

Watch the introduction

Watch the introduction

the Cycle

Every time you use Fertility Tracker
data gets stored on the device. The
results will be automatically
synchronized when paired with Comper
App. Based on your basal body
temperature data; Comper App can accurately predict your next menstrual cycle and ovulation.


Comper Fertility Tracker is the only basal body
thermometer designed with an innovative UV light
for self-disinfection after every use. We know that an
oral thermometer needs to be kept absolutely 100% hygienic.

  • Get a reliable and accurate reading
    brq in less than 2 minutes.

  • Automatic UV light disinfection.

  • Paired with Comper woman App to
    predict ovulation accurately.

  • Each full charge lasts around 10

  • IP26 water and dust resistant

  • 100 results storage capacity in
    device independently.