Comper HA Essence

A medical-grade hyaluronic acid serum with anti-aging formula

Net weight: 1.014oz

Small HA molecule

Instant penetration

Anti-aging formula

Diminish skin texture and fine line

FDA,CPNP cleared

Safe and effective

Anti-acne & scar

Intense moisture and balance

Best electric conductivity

Use with skincare device

Protect skin

Form a protective layer

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The crystal
hyaluronic acid

Comper HA ESSENCE is formulated as essential
Hyaluronic Acid with plant-based ingredients for
helping skin’s function at its best. The smaller
molecule is easy to be in the deeper layer of skin to
hold water and restore lost volume that instantly
results the long-lasting rejuvenation and healthy

Faster and

Comper HA Essence with smaller molecule of
Hyaluronic Acid helps to hydrate deeper layer
of skin easy and fast.


Comper HA Essence can form a protective layer
on your face for the day to protect your skin from
the UVC light and harmful environment.


The full combination with anti-aging properties is not
only for moisture, but also for diminishing the look of
skin texture, fine line, and the wrinkles.

A best skincare
device partner

With much better electric conductivity than gel, it can
be used with popular RF and EMS skincare devices to
amplify the extensive anti-aging effects.