Fetal Monitor Specifications

Power of the product

Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery (DC 3.7V)
Battery life: continuous use of 2 hours, more than 300 times of charge-discharge
Charging power supply: Micro USB (DC 5.0 V; 160 mA)
(This product should be charged with the charging power supply of medical products comply with GB 9706.1/IEC 60601-1. The charging power supply should be checked or replaced regularly.)

Category of product

Electric shock protection type: internal power supply
Electric shock protection type: BF product
Level of anti-liquid: IPX4 (part of ultrasonic probe), IPX1 (other parts)
The degree of safety of combustible gas: not suitable for using in environment with flammable gas
Operating mode: continuous operation
Size of product: 46 x 39 x 135 mm
Net weight: 150 g
Communication: Ultra-low-power consumption Bluetooth 4.0

Working environment

Temperature: + 15°C to + 35°C
Humidity: ≤85%
Atmospheric pressure: 70 to 106 kPa

Product performance

Rated sound working frequency: 2.0 MHz ± 10% Ultrasonic output power: <10 mW
Effective ultrasound emission area: <2.0 cm²
Comprehensive sensitivity: ≥ 90 dB
Fetal heart monitoring range: 65 to 210 beats / min Fetal heart monitoring error: ≤ 2 times / min
Continuous working time ≥ 2 hours
(Low battery or too large volume will shorten the working hours)
Peak negative sound pressure: <0.2 MPa
Sound intensity of output beam: 20 mW / cm²
Spatial peak time average output sound intensity: <100 mW / cm²
Service life: 3 years