Medical-Grade Smart Skincare Solution


Anti-Wrinkle · Face Lifting · Skin Toning · Cell Healing


Medical-Grade Safe

Effective & Efficient

5+ Years of Usable Life

Smart App Supported

Personalized Treatment

Easy to Use

One Device Solving All Your Aging Problems

4-in-1 Enhanced Technologies Acting

on All Layers of Skin


Micro Vibration


Bipolar Ring
Radio Frequency


850nm Near-
Infrared Light,
630nm Infrared


3 Levels of
Micro Current

3 Levels
of RF

With large flat electrodes rings, Radio Frequency (RF) can heat the dermis layer evenly over a larger area. It stimulates collagen regeneration, reduces wrinkles and provides immediate lifting and tightening.

EMS with 3 Levels

3 levels of micro current(EMS) promotes a deep movement of muscles and enhance blood circulation. It tightens the skin for facial lifting and helps improve skin’s contour, tones, fine lines and puffiness.

LED both Red &
Near Infrared

With 8 red LED at 630nm and 8 near-infrared LED at 850nm working simultaneously, LED light therapy repairs cells and capillaries, balances facial water and oil levels, helps to eliminate acne, reduces pigment issues and heals UV damage.

Skin Massage

Through micro-vibration massage at a certain frequency, Skin Massage(MASS) enhances the skin absorption and becomes a perfect match with other skin care products.

Immediate & Long Term Visible Effect

Cost -

Strong 24W output
power and high 1 millionHz
RF frequency giving you a
beauty-salon effect at home.


Large 54mm treatment head
for shorter treatment time.

35 Women

28-Day Clinical Trial Results

Comparison chart before and after 28 days

Dark skin

Crow's feet

Collagen density

Lifting & tightening,
activating collagen

Dermis thickness


Dermal layer strength


Skin elasticity


Reduce wrinkles and
repair skin surface

Static wrinkle number


Static wrinkle length


Skin moisture
retention rate


Rejuvenate skin and
reduce acne

Melanin content


Skin gloss


Balance facial water
and oil, improve skin

Cuticle water content


Oil secretion


*Data source:   The above efficacy data comes from the "Comper Smart Beauty Apparatus Anti-aging Efficacy Test Report", which is output by the cosmetics registration and filing inspection and testing agency filed by the State Drug Administration, the filing number: 20190033

Comper Health App Making Skin Care

Personalized and Easy

01. Test

Take a Dr. Baumann skin types test
to help us know your skin.

02. Plan

A personalized skin care plan is
created just for you. You can also
modify the calendar freely and
track your skin care routine.

03. Care

A 3D video and voice guidance
walks you through every care
session. Easy to use, friendly
to beginners.

Medical-Grade Safe

Dual Sensors
Protect Against

Built-in dual temperature
sensors to ensure precise
collagen regeneration and
prevent surface skin from
overheating by RF.

Harmless Materials, Safe
and Comfortable

Medical-grade electrode and silicon rubber body are
biocompatible and RoHS cleared, safe and comfortable
for your skin.

Level Up to IPX6,
Easy to Clean

Washable treatment head
and body keeping the
germs away.

Up to 5 Years

Usable Life, Invest In

Your Skin’s Health

and Wellbeing

Plug-In Design

Say goodbye to battery fade and anxiety

Silicon Rubber Body

Lifetime durability

Colors for You

Blanc · Space Gray · Blue Azteque · Rose Confetti
Rose Fuschia · Bordeaux

Medical Grade Certification

Comper has obtained CE, FDA and CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration)


Please do not use the Smarkin beauty device if you:

  • · Have recently had facial surgery or other surgical procedures
  • · Have ever had implanted electronic devices, such as defibrillators, nerve stimulators, pacemakers or ECG monitors
  • · Are using invasive medical equipment, such as an insulin pump - please consult your doctor before use
  • · Have a history of any cancer
  • · Are pregnant
  • · Have plastic braces
  • · Have open ulcers or wounds
  • · Have rosacea
  • · Have skin problems or sensitive skin
  • · Have a history of epilepsy

Please place the device and accessories out of the reach of children. Do not apply for babies and children.





HA Essence

Comper provides medical-quality
HA essence (a.k.a., Hyaluronic Acid
gel), instead of ordinary skincare
gel. This results in better electric
conduction for the treatment that
the device itself provides, while
also moisturizing your skin during
the session.



The Smarkin is designed for large
surface areas of the face, such as
the jawline, cheeks and forehead.
Do not use for lips, eyes, eyelids,
and surrounding tissue .

EMS micro current, LED therapy and MASS vibration can be used every day.
RF is recommended to use no more than four times a week, and no more than 15 minutes each time, as radio frequency activates the body's healing mechanism by heating the skin, causing new tissues and collagen synthesis to increase. At least two rest days per week required.