Data Warmth

Comper Smart Forehead Thermometer

Gentle action for babies and children

The design incorporates developmental psychology, taking into account the comfort of parents and the baby. It avoids the use
of the traditional gun-type operation for a gentler and more user-friendly temperature measurement experience.



Safe and gentle

Non-toxic materials, including medical grade TPU is used for a safe,
biocompatible finish.

A comfortable

The full chamfer probe with a unique softening
process offers safe and comfortable
contact for babies.

Track and manage
your body temperature data

Measure and

based on ages

See the trends and
how pills impact your
body temperature

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to share

2 methods measurements


Contact method

Using advanced contact measurement technology, Comper separates the air in its hollow structure in order to offer a much more accurate body temperature reading in just one second.


Non-contact method

In over 18ºC environment, accuracy remain within 1cm from forehead.

750 days battery life

The full chamfer probe with the extra soften process
offers a most comfortable contact with the babies.

Take it with
you anywhere

This product comes with a one-button minimalist design for boot + temperature measurement. There are many intelligent features presented in the app and, its body length of only 13 cm makes it compact and portable.

Unlimited users

There is no limitation on the number of users. You can have multiple users on one App and on one or multiple devices to manage health data for the whole family. The device is also suitable for professional use.

More accurate
Contact and non-contact measurement
Gentle action
Not aggressive for baby
Fast reading
Gain results in less than 1 second
Comper App
Data management
Superior battery life
Standby around 750 days
Auto power-off
Free from mess and fuss

International attestations

United States FDA and China CFDA certificated

CFDA Registartion certificate

FDA Registartion certificate