Shipping Policy

All shipping process will be started within 3 working days of order date, except national holidays

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1. The receivers should follow up with the delivery of their packages according to the tracking number from the shipper.

2. Once the package is sent back to the shipper owing to the absence of the receiver, the receiver should be responsible for the loss of the shipper, such as shipping fee from the receiver to the shipper, the product value due to a failure on the custom clearance back to the shipper, or the fee of the custom clearance to the shipper and also other losses due to the absence of the receiver.

3.The receivers should contact with the local deliverer after they are absent when the packages arrive at their places(more efficient).

4. After one month, if the receivers have not receive the packages, should contact the local deliverer and notice the shipper to deal with the problem. More than two months, the shipper is not able to assist the receivers to find the packages and will not send the receivers packages again.