A reinvented handheld ultrasound Doppler fetal heart rate monitor, which monitors and analyses heart rate to ensure fetal development during pregnancy, should any abnormalities occur, take timely action. Furthermore it’s a personalized smart device compared to most current similar tools, by wirelessly transmitting to data to iOS / Android app.

Comper Smart Doppler is CE certificated, it has passed rigorous tests in compliance with all relevant medical device safety standards.

No, Comper Smart Doppler is very easy to use, the App connects wirelessly to the device and guides you through each step from applying the gel, to fetal heart position suggest until you hear the heartbeat.

Comper Smart Doppler is not intended for: Use during defibrillation Use during ECG measurements Use in the shower or underwater Use on patients connected to external electrical stimulators or cardiac pacemakers. Fetal heart rate measurements in multiple pregnancies (twins or more).

Comper Smart Doppler has gone through rigorous testing and can be used as early as week 12. Due to several physiological aspects of the pregnancy however, such as baby size, placenta position and others, it can in some cases, be challenging to locate the fetal heartbeat and more difficult to maintain stability. As the pregnancy progresses, and towards week 18 the device becomes easier to use.

Yes, however, the fetal heart sound from phone is the conversion of voice signal, which will be delayed around 3s compared with the sound from Doppler. It is recommended to plug the headphones into the Doppler to find fetal heartbeat easier. If the noise is large in looking for, you can adjust the volume as you prefer.

a) The easiest way: refer to the fetal heart position monitored by the doctor recently, move the Doppler around that position slowly until the best fetal heart signal is found. b) Move the probe within small range, take your time and hold the Doppler steady for 2s-3s on each position without shaking or tilting. It will be not easy to find the fetal heart if moving the probe frequently.

Comper Smart Doppler is a very sensitive device, every background noise or movement might interrupt with the fetal heartbeat signal input. Make sure to minimize movements and refrain from talking during the monitoring.

The fetal heart position is usually opposite to the direction of frequent fetal movement.

The doppler gel is water-based and helps transfer the ultrasound signals that enable the monitoring. Re-apply more gel if it starts to dry out or spread so thinly that an air gap occurs between the probe and the skin.

Your baby's movement, sleeping, and other activities can cause normal FHR variation. Fetal movement in the early and middle pregnancy will disturb the signal and make the measurement intermittent and even interrupted. These effects will fade as pregnancy progresses and the measurement will be more continuous.

Yes, the recording of your baby's heartbeat data and sound are automatically saved in the App, you can replay and share them with your family, doctor and friends.

1) Check if the doppler is low battery 2) Ensure the Bluetooth of your smartphone is on.

Yes, Comper Smart Doppler can be used alone without smartphone. 1) Turn on your smart fetal monitor, insert and wear the earphones, adjust the volume control to your preferred level. 2) Apply a certain amount of doppler gel to the probe face. 3) Place the Doppler close against to abdomen skin, move the probe slowly until hear a continuous thumping sound“boom-boom-boom”from the headphone. 4) Check the color of the indication light to know the FHR range.

Comper Smart Doppler is with BLE Bluetooth chip 4.2 and up.

For iOS, Comper App is supported by iOS 9.0 and up. For Android, Comper App is supported by Android 4.3 and up.