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I have been using this device now for over a month and I just wbted to come back with some before and after pictures to show you how much it has helped.

It's helped with my pores and the fine lines under my eyes my skin feels tighter. I cannot wait to see more results with longer usage.

Swipe to see my results.

This is such a lovely skincare device. You need to download the app and answer a few skin questions and it tailors the device to what your skin need. It comes with a lovely serum that helps the device glide or her the face.

An advanced, smart skincare tool that brings forth a new generation of skin treatment and improvement via RF, EMS, MASS, and LED.


Comper Smarkin, Supercharge your skin anytime, anywhere. After just two weeks, your skin will be firmer, look rested and you will look radiant. Improved circulation will give you a healthy glow.

I love my skincare tools and devices and I would definatly recommend this to you all. 


Loved this and will look into it!
like the idea of the app I will definitely look into this

helps my skin for the better!

using the comper smarkin beauty device, this is my 3 week trial to see how it affects and helps my skin for the better!

Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 Beauty Device
Anne Marie Elizabeth Mace
Faulty product and no reply

Firstly wrong colour Sent, OK can live with that. Product cuts off every two minutes whether on a personal programmed schedule or on manual. I have emailed twice to comper with no reply. So have spent nearly £300 and can't use product

I must say this device is beautiful, I was totally amazed when I received it, this Smarkin beauty device is very nice to touch. And It's also great to use. I am looking forward to my skin getting better.

I have a new home routine facial obsession! In between my monthly spa appointments, I use my Comper Smarkin Smart Facial Machine. This device is completely tailored to each user! Through the app you take the personalized questionnaire so that Comper can analyze your skincare needs, create a custom treatment routine, and ultimately improve your skin using a number of enhanced technologies including RF, EMS, LED and micro vibrational therapy. Smarkin also helps to firm the face, fend off signs of aging, reduce fatty facial deposits and tackle other common skin complaints such as acne.

Ihr Lieben diese Woche hat mich ein Paket von comper erreicht. Kennt ihr den Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 bereits?

The fact that I can target ALLLL my skincare concerns with one device has me and my skin SO HAPPY!

Super cool

Since I haven't had enough time to test the device properly, I can only report my first impressions. Basically, I find such a tool super exciting because I've heard a lot about EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation). It is said to be the latest anti-aging technology that lifts and tightens the face. In addition, the care products can penetrate deeper into the skin and are therefore better absorbed.
I can't say yet whether EMS actually helps with the lifting, but I find the massage function, for example, super pleasant!

the Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 Beauty Device (RF, EMS, MASS, LED)

It's easy to use, convenient and doesn't take long to become familiar with. You can use the serum that they provide in the kit or choose to cocktail your own products and the app that they provide allows you to tailor a treatment programme to your individual needs and build up an effective routine, or choose to do it your way. You have a lot of options!

Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 Beauty Device

It is a skincare device which is app connected and you are able to better personalise your skincare treatment.

This device has been proved to have up to 5 years time of use.

From Comper’s 28-day clinical trial results, the following results were noticed:

A reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
Balancing of oil and water within the skin
Improved skin texture
Reduced acne
Lifting and toning of the skin
Increase in collagen production
Skin repair
Reduction in puffiness


So cool that it’s integrated with an app

Great product

Great product future looking and smart

Very good thank you

Very good thank you

Pleased with this purchase

Great speed and accuracy !

Must have

Amazing thermometer. My sister even bought one for her baby after i got mine. So quick readings.

Easy to use

Really easy to use - use it every morning for LLC my kids before school

Temp goes directly to phone!

Very easy to use!


This works well and my skin feels good after using it.

very good product

I’m a man and I need to say not an expert but the product is great...put it at night ... the day after my skin is soft and easy

Good Thermometer- Requires Touch

Took a day to get used to using it but it works well and quickly. It DOES require touch.

Disen no contact thermometer

First time using one of these and l must say that it is very easy to use and read. l especially like that it changes colors that reflect the temperature... would highly recommend.

Comper Haessence
Zero scent Zero sticky 100% results

I have been using this for a bit now and am seeing very nice results. I often get asked if my grandkids are my children. (Thank you). I love the fact that this does NOT have a scent when applying. There is no weird sticky /tackiness to your skin at all. It absorbs very well and evenly into my skin (I do not have very oily skin and it isn’t often super dry either) I haven’t had any trouble applying make up after using this. I have had no rashes / blemishes or other skin issues while using. I am seeing results and gets complements for how nice my skin looks.

Grateful for APP syncing

I need to do a temperature log for work each morning and having the data on an app really helps when I forget. SUPER quick compared to under the tongue thermometers. The packaging is really nice too.


Nice and simple to use