Our story

Who We Are

Comper is a pioneering medical device researcher and manufacturer owning a FDA, CE and CFDA approved factory. We provide home-use healthcare digital devices and services in global market. Relying on China's complete supply chain and strict quality control, Comper provides consumers with medical-grade high-quality products. We believe that technology-oriented innovation will reinvent beauty formulas and refresh infinite possibilities for cosmetics. Comper strives to become an elegant global beauty device brand.

Our Core Value

Comper is driven by user needs and data, constantly innovating and improving process and products, pursuing supreme user experience and satisfaction, and aiming to provide safe and cost-effective beauty devices. Comper's extreme pursuit of products has also won the recognition of IF Design, Top Digital, CES Best Design and other awards.

We have the willingness and ability to become a game-changer in the industry, and provide our younger generation of consumers with medical-grade safe and effective, intelligent and personalized home-use beauty device. Through brand-new skin care concepts and technology, let consumers only pay for the final result.


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