The Comper SkinEnergy is a lightweight, hand-held device that uses MENS, red LED, massage, and heating therapy to improve your skin from the inside out.

Comper SkinEnergy include user manual, quick start guide, SkinEnergy, charging cable.

Yes you can use it independently without App

Unlike the existing skincare products, Comper SkinEnergy offer a combination of techs as LED, MENS, MASS and Heating therapy. That's not all, paired with Comper Health App, you can track and personalize your skincare routine with a virtual consultation.

Yes Comper SkinEnergy been tested.

You can pair Comper SkinEnergy with both iOS and Android Smartphones.

Yes Comper SkinEnergy support Bluetooth connection 4.0.

Comper SkinEnergy made from medial quality approved ROHS materials.

Comper SkinEnergy is completely safe use, we already received the CE approval for Smarkin and processing for SkinEnergy.

Yes our Comper SkinEnergy is RoHS approved.

We recoommed that users of SkinEnergy be +16 eyars old.

Data collected from Comper App are securely store on a private and encrypted network.