Comper Thermart is an ear and forehead thermometer, which can be used by test ear temperature and forehead temperature, so as to get your body temperature.

By pressing On/Off button, you can use to test body temperature with or without App (Comper health).

When use with the forehead cap, can measure the forehead temperature; when use without the cap, and with probe cover, can measure the ear temperature.

Simply by one button push

the accuracy of Comper ThermArt is < 0.2 º

Comper ThermArt include user manual, box,ear mode cover and thremometer.

Yes you can switch easily from setting your measurement units.

Dual usage for ear and forehead, design, App function, sharing options and especially the unlimited users make our device unlike all existing devices in the market.

Yes Comper ThermArt been tested, a lot.