The first and most developed smart skincare tool combining RF, EMS, MASS and LED technologies

Comper Smarkin is CE certificated, it has passed rigorous tests in compliance with all relevant safety standards.

Smarkin supports both stand-alone mode and with-app mode. Stand-alone mode: ON/OFF button for turning on Smarkin and switching skin care mode, "+" for adjusting intensity level. With-app mode: Bluetooth technology to bind with Comper Health App, which has a variety of skin solutions for customizing, and it also will guide you to use step by step, after each use, the App will show the skin care performance to you.

The "radio frequency skin tightening" is a scientifically-approved aesthetic technology, which reduces fine lines and loosens your skin. That is accomplished by using electromagnetic energy to heat your skin tissue, thereby encouraging your skin to produce sub-dermal collagen that can remodel said tissue to be brand-new.

The circular electrodes also generate micro-currents, with three (3) intensities to switch between. This will elicit muscle contractions on different levels. What does that mean in practice? Your skin will get a type of workout, which results in several therapeutic effects such as muscle toning and facial lifting.

Smarkin produces both 630nm and 850nm wavelengths in light energy, which will penetrate the skin at around a 1.5-2.5mm depth. The spectral range (from 630 to 850) was reported and widely accepted to be extremely beneficial in reducing wrinkles and acne scars, as well as healing burns, UV damage, pigment disorders like vitiligo, and inflammatory diseases like psoriasis and acne. The photons that Smarkin emits in different wavelengths will be absorbed by mitochondrial chromophores in your skin.

Comper Smarkin generates the most efficient and comfortable micro-vibration frequency, which amplifies the beneficial effects of creams you use, while also boosting micro-circulation under the dermis. In short, your skin will be healthier overall, allowing it to better receive other types of skin treatment from your normal routines!

The body tissues have different electrical properties depending on the frequency of the electrical current. For example at 1Mhz the electrical resistance of the fat layer is higher by approximately 30% than the electrical resistance of the fat layer at a frequency of 40Mhz thus it is more efficient to use 1Mhz for heating fat layers under the skin. On the other hand at 40Mhz it is more efficient to heat water than at 1Mhz. As a result, 1MHz is more efficient than 40 MHz in selectively heating fat cells, compared to other (“water based”) skin cells.

Yes, Smarkin is IPX6 waterproof, but please avoid water or liquid in plug for adapter.

No, Comper Smarkin needs to be used with adapter.

No, Comper Smarkin doesn't have a usb plug.

We recommend to use Comper Smarkin with Comper HA or Comper Mask, the Mass function can help to import the essence to deep skin to get perfect beautiful skin effect. You will also enjoy a more comfortable and pleasurable user experience in EMS and RF.

Several colors including Space Gray and Blanc, Blue Azteque, Fuchsia, Bordeaux are available.

You can buy Comper HA essence from Comper store.

Yes, Comper Smarkin is EU friendly, we will not be shipping within EU but we will offer all coverage for VAT and other expanses.

AC power range from 110-240v.

It is type A

Comper promises a one year warranty starting from the date of reception for free checking and solving all the defects in Comper Smarkin. The warranty may not include the damage caused by drop, misuse, abuse, self-repair and disassemble and improper storage and maintenance. Comper provides multiple channels for the global users to find the after-sale service and support. That include the online store, social network, e-mail and official website.

Yes and sure, LED therapy with 2 specific light wavelength is scientifically proved with beneficial effects on photo damage, and pigmentation defects.

The electricity is transferred to low voltage through the adaptor, so do not worry it is pretty safe.

Yes, difference only in color, all the features, functions and technical specifications are the same.

The body is wrapped with medical grade silicon rubber which brings Smarkin the IPX6 resistant level and extra stability even when you hold its wet body during the operation.

That part is made of precious metal with PVD technology.

No, it doesn't oxidize over the time.

Comper for firming the face and reduce the wrinkle, acne, fat and other skin defects in a real intellectual way, as well solve certain facial conditions like the sagging, dull and other facial problems.

You can contact us via email: service@comper.com or our official social media as facebook, instagram, twitter.