How do get a V-shaped face naturally?

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v shape face

V-face is what most people want.Because the V-shaped face will make the face look more three-dimensional, highlighting the sense of youth and temperament.After the research of experts in various fields, the following methods can help us get the v-face we want.


  1. Use appropriate beauty devices

The effect of using home beauty instrument is the most effective in a short time. At a time when the pace of life is so fast, it is the most effective and time-saving for many women who love beauty.

Comper smarkin at home beauty device is the most convenient beauty device with multiple functions in the market, RF function can resist wrinkles and aging, the micro current function can help lift and tighten the facial skin, the LED phototherapy can dilute the pigment, the long-term use can make the facial skin white and bright, and the vibration function can help the facial skin better absorb the nutrients in cosmetics.


  1. Healthy diet

Try to avoid eating processed food, fried food, high calorie and high sugar food, and try not to drink carbonated drinks.Instead, try green tea, herbal tea and lemonade, which are rich in antioxidants and almost sugar free.


  1. Adequate and deep sleep

People with long-term fatigue and lack of sleep will be clearly seen as unhealthy, so get enough sleep to help your skin increase and stimulate blood flow, rebuild collagen and even repair the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

If you find yourself unable to sleep well, try some relaxing activities, such as meditation, reading, or calm your mind before going to bed.



  1. Do facial muscle exercises regularly and consistently

Take the initiative to exercise facial muscles. These exercises will be very helpful in the long run, especially in tightening your skin.One exercise you can do is tilt your chin up all the time, and then tilt your lips up as if you were kissing the sky. Do this for five seconds and repeat five times.


  1. Practice facial yoga

Facial yoga will improve and increase collagen and elastin, make skin color better, and reduce edema and dark circles under the eyes.At the same time, it helps to reduce tension and pressure, promote better blood circulation and make the skin glow.


  1. Use face cream.

Cream can keep facial skin compact and moist, and is one of the safest treatment solutions.Make sure the facial lift cream focuses on moisturizing, so see if its main ingredient is water.


  1. Trim your eyebrows

The shape and color of eyebrows have a great impact on other parts of the face.So to really enhance the V-shaped face you want, you need to trim your eyebrows.According to your face length, if your face is short, you will want a high eyebrow bow. If your face is long, you will want a low eyebrow bow.


  1. Choose a suitable hairstyle

The best hairstyle is a style that perfectly outlines your face and shows the best facial shape.

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