What skin care products can the beauty device be used with?

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Considering the adaptation of skin care products from the principle of beauty device,Gel like things are the most suitable,however, although the gel has good moisturizing performance, its nutritional value is relatively low, which can not meet the needs of many situation.So don't blindly pursue gel.

We recommend using beauty apparatus after finishing the essence.Or use the beauty device after applying the night cream, and then apply the eye cream.When doing eye beauty, never aim at the eyeball. Keep your eyes looking up, and then do the eye bag part,this can prevent skin care products from entering the eyes, which is safe and effective.

  1. Vibration import.The beauty device can import active ingredients into the bottom layer of the skin.You can use our commonly used moisturizing skin care products;
  1. In the mode of lifting thin face(Microcurrent),I recommend that you use gel essence, face cream, facial mask, and sticky make-up water;
  2. In the mode of cold compress and hot compress,we can use some cream or cream. As long as you avoid minefields and don't use mild skin care products containing alcohol or oil. 

The beauty device is a precision instrument. In short, the cosmetics used with the beauty device must be used in strict accordance with the requirements of the instrument manual.

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