Is the At-home RF Beauty Device Safe?

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RF Beauty Device Working Principle

Radiofrequency beauty device is a safe instrument. Radiofrequency beauty device mainly promotes the contraction of facial collagen through tissue heating, which can cool the skin surface, but ensure that the dermis is at normal temperature, so as to reshape the shape of subcutaneous collagen and make the skin more compact,secondly, radiofrequency beauty device can also treat acne.

Radio frequency beauty device generally do little harm to the body.At present, the frequency of beauty salons and medical RF instruments exceeds 3MHz, and the frequency of household RF Beauty devices is between 0.5-1mhz, which has little impact on the body. Most beauty lovers can use it.However, this kind of RF has a certain stimulating effect on the skin.People with sensitive muscles may increase skin discomfort.In addition, pregnant women and people who install cardiac pacing devices are best not to use them.

Radiofrequency beauty device mainly promotes facial collagen and elastic fibers by heating subcutaneous tissue, so as to enhance and tighten the skin, and can also treat acne.If you want to buy Household RF Beauty Device, it is recommended that consumers choose formal beauty products with medical certification, which not only has good anti-aging effect, but also has a certain guarantee for themselves.

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