What effect does LED phototherapy beauty device have? What is the principle of skin care?

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With the improvement of our living standards, people's requirements for the quality of life are gradually improving.Firstly people will increase their investment in beauty and skin care, and they also have higher requirements for their own image.However, when it comes to beauty and skin care, we must consider a practical problem. In the modern society with such great work pressure, everyone's free time becomes more and more limited.There is little free time for yourself every day, which is also the reason why home beauty instruments are becoming more and more popular.Many people choose to use it because of its convenience. They can use it without leaving home, which will not delay playing games and keeping in touch with friends, and saving much time for waiting in line in beauty salon.

Therefore, the home beauty instrument is highly praised and used by more and more people.So how much do you know about LED phototherapy beauty instrument? Now, I'd like to introduce the common beauty instrument on the market - the beauty instrument with red and blue LED functions.

Led beauty instrument uses the principle of photodynamics to activate deep cells and make the skin metabolize better.After the skin absorbs light, light energy is converted into intracellular energy, so as to relax and enhance capillaries, and photochemical reaction (enzymatic reaction) occurs with the skin, which increases the content of glycogen and protein, thus promoting cell metabolism and synthesis.

The red and blue LED light emits a kind of cold light, which will not produce high heat and burn the skin.It converts light energy into intracellular energy, accelerates the cell growth cycle, and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen.It has a certain effect on repairing aging skin, acne skin, mottled skin, wrinkled skin, allergic symptoms and sunburned skin.It will not cause harm and discomfort to the skin.Photodynamic therapy is one of the safe, effective and outstanding tools in the treatment of acne and rejuvenation.

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