Is the Home beauty Device Suitable for Male Consumers?

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According to big data statistics, more than 70% of men have a demand for facial beauty. Of the 259 male respondents, 71.43% said they had used or planned to buy Beauty Instruments. To a certain extent, it shows that the demand of male users for beauty instruments is increasing and there is a trend of being younger.
According to the current market situation, among the personal care small household appliances purchased by male users, electric toothbrushes, razors and hair dryers are among the top three with the fastest growth rate, and nearly 60% are men.

Compared with the above three products, men's beauty instrument seems to have more imagination. The demand of male users for facial cleansers has maintained a high growth rate in the past two or three years. Last year, male consumers accounted for about 10% of the overall consumption of facial cleansers. Considering the impact of epidemic factors, there may be a certain degree of rapid growth in the next few years.

The small base of male users and the lack of relatively complete research are undoubtedly several deep-seated reasons that hinder brands from laying out the male beauty instrument market.

The proportion of male users is very small, accounting for only 10% of the total consumption of beauty instruments, which may exclude the purchase for girlfriend and wife or gift to others.There is no precedent for the brand of men's beauty instrument. Clary, Philips, foreo, Reena and other brands have launched men's facial cleansers,

From the perspective of skin quality and skin needs of male users, male users have more serious skin problems than female users, so the effect of using beauty instruments is more obvious than that of women.

Secondly, considering that the safety and experience of household beauty instruments have been greatly improved, there is no problem that household beauty instruments suitable for female skin can be directly applied to male skin.

Therefore, if male users with skin problems need to apply household beauty instruments, they don't have to worry about the application effect and quality safety. They just need to find beauty instruments with appropriate functions to better solve their skin problems.

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