You must know this about microcurrent beauty device.

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Microcurrent beauty device is a kind of beauty instrument that acts on the human body through computer microwave to supplement the bioelectrical energy of the human body, activate cells and restore skin elasticity, so as to solve some skin problems and delay skin aging.


What is microcurrent beauty device?What are the functions of microcurrent beauty device?

This instrument is usually used in many nursing courses in beauty salons, such as firming and removing wrinkles, weakening dark circles, etc. Generally speaking, it has the following beauty functions:

  1. Enhance cell activity, promote muscle movement and restore skin elasticity;
  2. Accelerate the blood circulation of micro blood vessels, enhance cell permeability, and effectively supply nutrients to muscle tissue and skin;
  3. The ionized atom generated by micro current can penetrate deeply into the skin, replenish skin moisture and make it moist, smooth and tender;
  4. Microwave current makes electric stimulation go deep into subcutaneous tissue to muscle, which is helpful to repair skin elastic fiber and glial tissue, so as to stretch and fade wrinkles.


What should we pay attention to during operation?

  1. Damaged skin and acne inflamed skin should not be cared with microcurrent beauty device.
  2. According to different micro current modes, the corresponding use methods are also different, and the product operation manual shall be observed;
  3. It must be used with enough skin care essence products.


How should the micro current beauty device be maintained daily?

  1. It is often used to wipe the instrument with a soft cloth, and place the instrument in a normal temperature and dry environment;
  2. Even if it is a waterproof beauty instrument, do not wash the beauty instrument with water frequently for a long time.

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