Working Principle and Precautions of HJousehold RF Beauty Device

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Women over the age of 35, in an aging face, can't wait to turn back the clock.When the skin becomes relax, it is a reminder that you need to take good care of it.If not solved in time, wrinkles will appear.
Radiofrequency beauty device, as a micro plastic technology, can improve the skin relaxation and make the skin firm and smooth again.

What is the principle of RF beauty device?

Radiofrequency beauty instrument sends radio waves into the subcutaneous tissue through the radiofrequency therapeutic instrument, so that the subcutaneous tissue generates heat. It uses the principle that the collagen fibers in the dermis will shrink immediately at 55-70 ℃.
At the same time, it will promote collagen regeneration, which will increase the thickness and density of skin dermis, fill wrinkles and improve relaxation.

The heat generated by RF comes from the natural response of skin tissue to radiation. Therefore, the temperature distribution generated by RF is related to skin impedance.

The people that the RF beauty instrument is suitable for include:
People with wrinkles and mild to moderate skin relaxation;
People with double jaws;
People who need thin faces;
People with stretch marks;
People who need skin firming after liposuction, etc.
Three advantages of RF Beauty Instrument:
Omnidirectional three-dimensional wrinkle removal and skin firming;
It has deep effect on the skin and fundamentally solves the problem of skin aging;
The operation is painless and safe.

People who are forbidden to use RF Beauty Instrument.
People with injury or inflammation during operation of skin replacement;
People with dry skin;
People with pacemakers.

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