How to choose a home beauty device that suits you

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In recent years, home beauty devices have become more and more popular, and girls who love beauty will buy one or two home beauty devices that suit their skin needs.But there are also many people who choose to wait and see. The effects of popular beauty instruments on the market are infinitely exaggerated, and the quality is uneven.

Everyone generally thinks that the effect of beauty instruments is greater than that of skin care products, and this view is completely correct.It’s beauty techniques have been able to achieve results that skin care products cannot reach.

For you who are considering buying a home beauty device, how to choose a home beauty device that suits you?

The use of beauty instruments is actually the same as fitness. It takes a good understanding of your own body and perseverance to achieve good results.

For example, in order to supplement collagen, many girls will come up with various methods, such as applying skin care products or oral skin care products, but the effect is not satisfactory.Once oral collagen enters the human body, after being decomposed by the digestive system, very little is really absorbed, and skin care products are not completely reliable. If the absorption state of the skin itself is not good, the part that can play a role will of course be greatly reduced.

All your skin care products go to waste. At this time, the role of home beauty instruments is highlighted.If you have used skin care products and it doesn't work, quickly try the beauty instrument, it helps your skin care products play 200 times the effect, I believe it will give you a surprise.

Next, we introduce the beauty device categories that are well-recognized by consumers in the mass market.

Daily common beauty instruments can be classified into the following categories according to technical principles:

Micro-current,radio frequency, laser, ultrasonic, LED, ionization.

Micro-current: Stimulate the muscles through weak current to tighten and restore elasticity, which has the effect of lifting, firming and removing edema;
RF radio frequency: stimulates the production of collagen in the skin through heat to accelerate the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect of the dermis layer;
Laser: The laser penetrates into the pores to locally stimulate collagen regeneration to improve pores and repair the skin;
Ultrasound: use the vibration and penetrating power of high sound waves to achieve the effect of cleaning the skin;
LED: Use different wavelengths of light to have different effects on the skin to improve skin conditions;
Ionization: it can bring out the dirt in the pores and introduce the skin care products to promote absorption.

Therefore, according to your needs to solve skin problems, you can refer to the following suggestions when choosing a home beauty instrument:

If you have puffiness, sagging, sagging problems, please choose microcurrent;
If you have the problem of dry face, dull skin and dull skin, please choose radio frequency;
If you have large pores and acne problems, please choose laser;
If you have spots, acne marks, acne problems, please choose LED.

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